• Aoth Brightblade

    Aoth Brightblade

    Aoth is a charismatic man. He has blonde hair, gold eyes, a halo, and angel wings. Is he even of this world?
  • Camelle Stonetower

    Camelle Stonetower

    Camelle looks like any other Chondathan girl, but she seems to keep her head low around nobility. And she's a knight! What's her story, I wonder?
  • Fredrick Greycastle

    Fredrick Greycastle

    Fredrick appears to be like any other Chondathan noble. However, he wears the mask of a dragon. What lurks behind the mask?
  • Jake


    Jake is a strange-looking elf, in that he is missing half of his face. Is this man dangerous? Should we trust him?
  • Nicos Graven

    Nicos Graven

    A calm man in a plain robe adorned with symbols of Kelemvor, god of death.